Our Products

Perfect Pharmacy Manager

Ultimate solution for any kind of : Pharmacy, Medicine Store, Clinic, Manage Prescriptions, Refill Medications, Drug Dictionary, Patient Management, Video Conferencing, Internal Messaging, Tasks, Appointments, Billing, Payroll and more

Perfect Inventory Manager

Manage and maintain inventory of your company, items, sales, orders, customers and suppliers.

Perfect Tailor Manager

If you are looking for a perfect software for managing your clothing alterations & tailoring business, look no further!

De-Workshop - Auto Workshop Portal

Deworkshop is a Full Workshop management system to automate your business, particularly for maintainance, repairs business

De-Journal - Academic Journal and Peer Review System

De-Journal is a Complete Package for any Academic Journal, School Club or Article Publisher

De-Tutor - Private Tutoring and Admission Processing

De-tutor helps you connect with qualified private tutors, instructors, coaches and mentors in your community. It also help in Admission Processing.

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