Perfect Pharmacy Manager

Ultimate solution for any kind of : Pharmacy, Medicine Store, Clinic, Manage Prescriptions, Refill Medications, Drug Dictionary, Patient Management, Video Conferencing, Internal Messaging, Tasks, Appointments, Billing, Payroll and more

Perfect Pharmacy Manager

Store all of your pharmacy and hospital dispensary data for easy retrieval and tracking including your Prescriptions, Drugs, Employees, Clients, and Users. Manage all from one simple yet powerful admin system. Get it today!

Perfect Pharmacy Manager



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A Prescription management system is included. Use this to generate a prescription number, monitor the number of refills for medication and print prescription labels.

Pharmacy Prescription Manager




Pharmacy Prescription Label




A drug dictionary is also included. The dictionary is connected to the Open FDA database. So you could easily check up on details about any drug.

For example, you could see the dosage and administration table, clinical pharmacology, clinical studies, contraindications, dosage, mechanism of action, details about pregnancy, overdosage and information for patients.

Drug Dictionary


Manage your pharmacy patients in a simple and well-organized user interface




Manage Tasks, Assign a task to a staff and track the status of tasks, make comments and track progress.

Task Manager for Pharmacy




Cash register system that stores product information, making the checkout process quicker. Print out receipts, hold sales, accept return or edit sales.

  • Advance Point of sale system
  • Easily search through products/services and add them to the cart
  • Suspend items on the cart and Finish Later
  • Advance Calculator to assist with your arithmetics
  • Email Customer their Receipt
  • Print Receipt for Customer
  • Find Items under Category
  • Easily add new product or service from the POS Page
  • Add Expenses from the POS page
  • Take note of balance payments
  • Add other specific information pertaining to that sale.
  • Return Items back to the shop and update the sales
  • Add a customized message on your receipt
  • Customize the system currency
  • Clear Products on the cart




Manage your purchases: Our detailed purchase system allows you to update your stock every time you make an additional purchase of a product. You can then set the cost and selling price, quantity, and expiry date for that particular purchase. You can also manage your supplier list to keep track of the name and phone number of suppliers of each product.

Pharmacy Inventory Management


Automatically manage your stock: Get an alert when your products are getting out of stock. you can determine the minimum amount of each product before they show up as out of stock. Take stock and audit of your products, track missing or damaged items.

Stock Taking and Audit


Manage Product Expiry: If your product has an expiry date, You can set the expiry date and the number of days before the expiry date. View expiring products with a versatile expiry calendar.

Product Expiry Calendar






Beautiful and Easy to Use Calendar for your business.

  • Easy Add and Edit Appointments or Events by clicking on the calendar
  • Drag / Move Events from one date to the other on the calendar.

The calendar comes with 3 Views

  • Month View - For viewing all appointments and events for the month
  • Week View - for viewing all appointments and events in a week
  • Day View - For detailed viewing of events in a day

Intelligent and Customisable reporting and charting system.

  • You can report on each part of your business: Customers, Sales, Expenses, Incomes, Events, Appointments, Profit, Purchases...
  • You can visualize more than one item on the same chart and compare them.
  • Product Specific Chart: You can report on a specific product, or compare the performance of two different products on a chart.
  • You can how the chart summarizes your data: Sum, Average, Maximum or Minimum 

The Charting system can display your data as a

  • Line Chart
  • Area Chart
  • Bar Chart
  • Pie Chart
  • 3D Pie Chart

You can get a summary chart on different views

  • Month View will give you a summary for each month of the year
  • Hour View will distribute your data for each hour of the day. you will then know which hour of the day you have more sales and can make more informed decisions like hiring more sales staff for that time.
  • Date View gives you the summary for each day
  • Day View will give you a summary of each day of the week. You can then see the days in which you have more sales or more events, appointments, customers...


To help you and your staffs get accustomed to our software, We have inbuilt tooltips on the app pages when adding items. these tooltips explain what each field does.

We also have a help button on the bottom right of each App page that links to our documentation which explains that page features in great detail.



The App comes with Numerous App Pages: Customer, Product, Category, Appointment, Event, Income, Sale, Purchase, Services, Staffs

Download your data for each page in CSV format to use for other systems, reports, or as a backup

View your pages in three different modes

  • Grid View: This allows you to view your data in grids.
  • List View: This allows you to view your data in a list.
  • Spreadsheet View. This gives you an excel-like page where you can make bulk changes to your data just like you do on Microsoft excel

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* This offer is included in Standard License *

With this option you can:

  • Add additional fields or delete irrelevant fields in forms or pages.
  • You can reorder the item position in a form
  • You can add more app pages and menu items to manage more customized part of your business
  • You can manage how each page in the app looks (Grid, List or Spreadsheet)
  • You can manage what summary data shows on the home page
  • You can manage icons within the app and many other features

See the documentation on how to manage app fields
 => Managing App Fields



Restrict certain pages to your sales staff by creating a separate user and admin account. You can specify what pages you want them to access



Your data is automatically backed up on the cloud as long as you have an internet connection. If you lose your system, you can always re-download the software and access your data to continue from where you stopped.



You can use multiple devices on the same database as long as you have an internet connection. Your data will be automatically synchronized across all devices. Even if you are not with your computer, you can log in to our website to access your database.

We will also be publishing Android and IOS Versions for the app.



You can use the app fully offline on a single computer, however, we will not be able to back up your data in case you lose your system and hence we would advise you to do a manual backup regularly by downloading the data you want in CSV / Excel format.

You can use the app both online and offline. The app will continue to work even if you lose your internet connection, and will resynchronize with the rest of your devices once your internet connection is back.

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