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Offline & Online Software solutions to manage your business effectively

SARU TECH specializes in developing user-friendly software applications that enhance business operations, offering solutions that work both offline and online.
Tailored for businesses in areas with limited internet and electricity access, our software is highly customizable and supports multiple devices, ensuring seamless operation and management.
With a commitment to reliability, we also provide comprehensive support, maintenance, training, and tutorials to ensure our clients can maximize their use of our applications, keeping their operations smooth and efficient regardless of location.
SARU TECH Apps work both offline and Online

Offline & Online

SARU TECH delivers flexible software that works both offline and online, enabling businesses in areas with unreliable internet and power to manage tasks smoothly and sync data as soon as connectivity returns.

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Dedicated Support

SARU TECH provides all-encompassing support including maintenance, updates, troubleshooting, and user training with setup support, ensuring systems run smoothly and users are well-equipped.

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Desktop & Mobile

Our software are accessible anytime, anywhere, supporting Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS platforms, whether you're online or offline. This allows for uninterrupted business monitoring from any location.

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100% Customizable

Our applications are highly customizable, designed to meet your specific business requirements. You can modify forms, adjust page layouts, and manage how content is displayed, ensuring a tailored user experience.

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Apps for Business, Institutions and Individuals

We have the best Apps in the industry, tailored to make busines more efficient. Our Apps work on the Web, are available as Mobile and Desktop Apps.

Our Apps work both Offline and Online and also have automatic backup so that you have your data anytime anywhere,

Perfect Billing System

Perfect Billing Management System (PBMS) is a sophisticated and user-friendly software solution...

Perfect Inventory Manager

The Perfect Inventory Management System is an advanced tool designed for businesses to efficiently...

Perfect Maintenance Management System

Perfect Maintenance Management System (PMMS) is a versatile software solution allowing for the...

Perfect Patient Management System

Perfect Patient Management System (PPMS) is a versatile patient management software that enables...

Perfect Pharmacy Manager

Perfect Pharmacy Manager is an all-in-one software solution designed to streamline pharmacy and...

Perfect Tailor Manager

Perfect Tailor Manager is a comprehensive management tool for tailors and fashion designers,...

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Code Academy Benin City

Join World Class Students at Code Academy Benin City

Code Academy is a Computer Training Institute owned and managed by SARU TECH. We teach Students and Graduates of all professions how to build websites, softwares and mobile apps and refer them to IT Companies immediately after graduation or mentor them to launch their start-ups

400+ Graduates

We have trained over 400 students in the last 5 years. Our students are now working in top companies around the world.

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No 1 in Benin City

We are the number one coding academy in Benin City, Nigeria. Our students are taught by top professionals in the industry.

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1 to 1 Training

We provide hands on practical classes and labs. Join us as we nurture a new generation of tech talents. We provide mentorship and IT placements after graduation

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Technology Stack

Our students are taught the latest technologies and frameworks including React, Node, Python, Django, Flutter, and more.

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