Secure Medical Communication Portal

Web-based portal that allows:

  • Patient profile
  • Health care provider user profile.
  • Secured compliant communications between patients and doctors.
  • Secured communications between doctors and the ability to share documents/images.
  • Several doctors can be assigned to one patient for sharing of the information.
  • Patient care timeline of encounters between a patient and the assigned doctors to a case.
  • Content-based section with information containing text and videos that can easily be updated to add content. 
  • Track who has accessed what files? Audit user access and logs



Patient Appointment Management

  • Each doctor schedules appointments with patients that sign up on the site.
  • The main schedule for all user general announcements.
  • A way for the providers and doctors to control their schedule, basically an available time that the patient can pick an appointment rather than requesting any time.
  • Ability to modify events in the schedule
  • Patients can request appointments from the patient login dashboard to one of their collaborators, instead of going to the directory.


Task Management

  • Attach documents in tasks separate from records.
  • Batch archive tasks or records.
  • Assign tasks to a patient from the dashboard view in the provider/doctor

Discussion forum for doctors/healthcare providers


Video conferencing between users securely one to one or group.

  • Created a Telehealth for medical communication portal using WebRTC.
  • Installing, Configuring and running a STUN/TURN server

Payment Processing: Paypal & Stripe


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