Manage & collaborate with your clients in easiest and efficient way. Invoice for clients, Email newsletter sending to clients, group messaging to staffs, and many more.



SARU Office is A Complete Office Management Solution
Get Organized & Get Stuff Done! SARU Office helps you take back control. The Most Powerful High-Performance & Yet Simple Way to Manage Your Projects & Team.

SARU Office was created because we wanted to develop an excellent system that is both Powerful and User friendly the same time. The product should help in running your business in a better way. It is a practical software that gets you organized so that you can reduce unnecessary meetings and simply Get Things Done, allowing your team will be organized and your business will take off.



List of Currently Available Features We are constanly adding more and updating free for our clients.

Client management

Manage & collaborate with your clients in easiest and efficient way.

Staff management

Easy maintenance of your team members.

Staff account permissions

Create custom account roles with your preferred permissions.

Project monitoring

View / update status of projects at offline and realtime state.

Project staff assignment

Assign single / multiple staffs to a project.

Project task

Project wise task creation and marking with completion facility.

Project document Google doc preview

Project documents can be downloaded and previewed instantly by google doc previewer.

Project timer

Ajax based project timer to maintain time spent on project.

Project discussion

Discuss project status, progress with client, staff simaltaneously in single place.


Invoice for clients with dynamic invoice entries. Manual and paypal payment processing option.

Report graph & chart

Payment report chart & graph within custom date range. Reports can be export in image/pdf/excel/csv format.

Client support ticket

Clients can submit support ticket with preset priority, notified to admin by email.

Support ticket assign to staff

Admin can assign support ticket to any staff he wants to reply.

Private messaging

Private messaging between admin, staffs and clients. Notify by email instantly.


Admin can save short notes with easy interface.

Email notification

Notify admin, staffs, clients with various events.

Customizable email templates

Email format can be customized with your company branding.

Multi-currency support

Preferred currency can be choosed from system settings.

One click contact

Call over skype/phone or send email from user profile directly


Export all kinds of client, staff, project data in pdf / excel / print format.

Live Chat among admin, client, staffs..

SMS notification system for client and staffs.

Expense, income module including staff salary and other expenses.


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