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As most companies go digital all over the world, and as disruptive technologies emerge to change our way of doing business, many traditional jobs are dying and getting replaced with tech jobs that require you to have some level of coding skills. And although many experts predict that a time will come when coding skills will become a basic requirement for employment like literacy is today, the reality is that it will take more decades before the educational system will evolve and adapt enough to be able to produce a situation in which coding skills become as common as basic literacy.

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One major reason for this is that coding is hard. Coding everyday is like solving those math problems at the back of your college math textbook everyday. It will take a long time before the skill will become as common as basic literacy. This means that there will continue to be a higher demand for people with the skill than there is supply. Therefore, a switch of career to software development means solving the problem of unemployment or underemployment. The salaries for software developers will continue to rise everywhere in the world according to the laws of demand and supply.

But where do you start from if you do not have an academic background in science and technology?  The following are the reasons why we say that python is a programming language with which you can have a softer landing when you are switching from the arts, social sciences or the humanities (curled from geeksforgeeks.org). 

1)  Python is easy to learn: 

The syntax of various other languages might seem very confusing to you when you just start coding. But, the minimal setup and readability of Python allows you to think like a programmer and saves your time in writing a big syntax format. The syntax of this amazing language is easy and this makes it easier to type and compile. For instance, if you want to build a code that says “Hello World”, it would require you to type around 4 lines in Java, wherein in Python, all you need to write is – print(“Hello World”)

This superiority of Python software lets the beginners “fast pace” their leanings, which actually builds confidence in them. Python is a powerful language. The diversity is so huge that companies like Google, Netflix, and Spotify use Python. This leverage of options is not available with other programming languages.

Why Python is the most in-demand programming language? | by Udacity India | Medium

2)  Python has Readily Available Resources to Learn From: 

Python is an open-source language, which is free and can be used by anyone. The internet is filled with Python programming courses and tutorials, which provide a broad scope of opportunities for beginners to actually hit and try to narrow down the niche in which they are better than others.  

You can actually learn coding skills in just a matter of time. These available resources ensure that you never stop learning new codes and experimenting with your previous ones. This perk of Python catalyzes the learning journey for beginners and helps them crave learning for new programs and skills.

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